How to Install Kaspersky Password Manager Extensions?

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Kaspersky provides cyber security solutions for digital device users that help to keep their gadgets malware and threat free. Kaspersky labs develop antivirus, internet security, endpoint security, and other cyber security products and services. Kaspersky internet security package consists of unique privacy features, parental control, anti-phishing tools, diagnostic tools, password manager application, and other features. The internet security is available for Macs, PCs, Android, is, Windows mobile phones, and Sembilan.

Kaspersky provides services and products suitable for both consumer and business. It also provides a free of cost tool to the business organizations, which helps business to gain access to Windows devices that are infected by ransom ware. Offered internet security is used by individual users, business organizations, and parental package holder so that their system won’t get affected by any malware, online or offline threat and theft. Password Manager Extension helps a user to save and insert passwords.

Once the user gets connected to My Kaspersky portal, the application you are using allows you to choose the browser in which you want to save and insert your passwords. Here in this article, the user will find the detailed solution, how to install Kaspersky Password Manager Extensions?

  • To utilize Kaspersky Password Manager Extensions in your system, first, you need to close the browsers that you are using.
  • Now mark the boxes, which are next to the browsers in which you want to save and insert passwords.
  • After saving the password, the applications will be imported to the vaults by default.
  • In case, you don’t want to import the password from the browser, choose Do not import passwords in the drop-down list next that is the name of this browser.
  • Now, select Continue button.
  • This application allows installing the extension in the selected browser automatically and also, helping to import passwords from the chosen browser into the vault. If the browser you are using has any inbuilt password then it will be turned off automatically.
  • The passwords can be imported manually if you didn’t import the password at the time of extension installation.

If you still face any problem with the extension, then try to reinstall the extension. In case the problem persists,Call Kaspersky support team.

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