How to Fix Kaspersky Installation Freezes Error?

Kaspersky is a security software Company which comes under Kaspersky Lab that provides the services and the products, globally. Some of the brilliant Kaspersky Lab products which are liked by the users globally are- Kaspersky Antihacker, Kaspersky Antispam, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Online Scanner.

Although Kaspersky provides error free services to its valuable customers but sometimes the Kaspersky customer may face issues related to Kaspersky installation error. As no product comes with the total 100% error free nor does any of the security software company assures its customers about it.

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After the successful purchasing as well as downloading the Kaspersky product for your system, you go for the next step i.e., installing the same products for your system. And the installation process stops in between the step “Installing Microsoft.Net Framework 4.0…” along with the progress bar notifications as “About five seconds left”.

Below provided are the steps for fixing such issues while facing it. Follow the steps minutely for successful solution. Customers can always call Kaspersky Customer Service Number to get technical support from the experts, in case they’re unable to solve it.

  1. Select on the operating system, to create a restore point.

For Windows 10

  • You need to search in the desktop’s taskbar for Create a restore point and click on it.
  • Look for the System Properties, on the System Protection page. Click on the option Create.
  • Now you need to fill up the description for the restore point, followed by create option and then Ok option.
  1. Select the compatible link for your operating system to download Microsoft.Net

For Windows Vista/ Windows 7

  • To download all the files and then install Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Visit the page to choose download button.
  • Select the run button, to install
  • Select the save button, to install later.

For Windows XP

  • Check your system has the latest Windows service pack and the critical updates.
  • On this page, locate the download button and select to start the download.

Please note- If you wish a smaller x86 only, follow the correct steps. If you wish  to install ia64 then follow the correct steps for installer.

  • Select Run option to start the installation immediately.
  • Click Save option to save the download for your system, to install it later.
  • Tab Cancel to cancel the installation.
  1. Select Download after visiting the operating window.
  2. Now, you need to run the downloaded installer.
  3. Do read and agree on the license agreement terms and click on the check-box for I have read and accept the license terms.
  4. Select install option to install it.
  5. You need to restart your PC, to setup the changes.
  6. Try once gain installing K
  7. Kaspersky Lab Product.

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