How to Locate the Stolen or Lost Android Device sing the Kaspersky Internet Security?

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Now-a-days, the users prefer to store all their data including personal as well as private data to their mobile devices like Android mobile phones. As a result of this, the users are becoming more and more concerned regarding the safety of their Android device.which can also be done by  Kaspersky Support .

Even the users become panic, if the device has either stolen or lost. Thus, to offer an ease to its users, Kaspersky has included the feature of locating the mobile device within its Kaspersky Internet Security product. Thus, the users may manage their lost or stolen device remotely on their Kaspersky Account, by sending the particular commands to their device.

Steps for sending the commands using the Kaspersky Support Internet Security, to the lost or stolen mobile device:

  1. First of all, sign to the My Kaspersky account on the device.
  2. Now, from the main page of the Kaspersky account, move to the “Devices” subsection.
  3. Here, the list of all the devices that have been protected with the Kaspersky Internet Security will be displayed on the screen.

(To get the steps for enabling the feature of Remote Management on the users’ Kaspersky Account, call the Kaspersky Support toll-free number.)

  1. From this list, select the mobile device that has been either lost or stolen.
  2. And then, click the “Lock, Locate, or Mange device” button displayed in front of the mobile device.
  3. Thus, a new window through which the users could manage their stolen or lost mobile device will appear on the screen.
  4. Here, move to the “Commands” tab.

(Important Note: If the users are not able to locate the “commands” panel on their Kaspersky Internet Security user interface then, they may call the Kaspersky Customer Support number.)

  1. Now, tap the button having the commands that the users want to send to their device.Some of the commands displayed on the buttons are as follows:
    1. Lock & Locate: This command allows the users to lock the mobile device and detect its location using the GPS or GSM. The location is displayed on the map and is made visible to the result section. Apart from this, the users may also specify the text message that needs to be displayed on the device screen.
    2. Alarm: This command helps the users to lock the device along with sounding of an alarm, even though the device has been muted.
    3. Mugshot: This command enables the users to get the mugshot of the person who is currently using the mobile device. The captured mugshot will be displayed on the result section. The “Mugshot” command will be executed on the device only when the device has the front camera present on it.

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