How to Turn-On The Web Activity Monitoring on Kaspersky Antivirus?

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Now-a-days,the online world has created the biggest challenge to all the parents about the protection of their kids.Thus,in order to provide an ease to the parents, Kaspersky has included the feature of Internet Use Monitoring as an in-built features to all its Kaspersky Antivirus.By utilizing the feature of Internet Use Monitoring, the parents can easily have a look to the internet activities of their kids and what websites their kids have accessed. Apart from keeping a look, all the parents can restrict the access of their kids to the websites having the unwanted content.

The in-built features of Kaspersky i.e. Internet Use Monitoring offers a number of advantages to its users. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  1. Safe search
  2. Notifications about searches on restricted themes
  3. Website category restrictions
  4. Specific website restrictions
  5. Report on the child’s internet activity

For turning on the Web Activity Monitoring on the Kaspersky Setup, follow the stepwise procedure detailed below:

  1. First and foremost, launch the Kaspersky antivirus user interface on the device.
  2. Now, click the overflow stack icon displayed at the upper leftmost corner of the user interface.
  3. And then, go to the “Kids” section.
  4. In this section, select the profile or create the profile of the child whose web activity the parents want to monitor.
  5. Now, select the “Internet” subsection and then, tap the “Settings” button i.e. the button with gear image.
  6. After this, toggle the button in front of “Web activity monitoring” option to make it enabled or turn on.
  7. The users can easily set the restrictions to their kids’ access to the websites having the unwanted content, either by choosing the default settings (as per the age group of the child) or set it manually.

(Important Note: If the parents are facing any difficulty while setting up the restrictions using the internet setting on the Kaspersky antivirus software installed to their device then, they may call the Kaspersky Customer Support number 

  1. At last, click the “Save” button to save all the changes made by the parent users.

Thus, all the parents can easily monitor the internet activities of their kids. Even the parents could get the notification on their Kaspersky account or on its mobile application, regarding their child’s attempt for accessing the website that has been forbidden by the parents.

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