How to Check Your Purchased Kaspersky Subscriptions and their Activation Codes?


Kaspersky SubscriptionsKaspersky antivirus range has been designed and developed to offer the consumers and businesses advanced security solutions for their mobile and computer systems. These security software and antivirus have all the latest security and device protection features that helps to protect the software installed on the device, confidential information stored in the files and also ensure safe browsing. By purchasing right plan, Kaspersky antivirus can also be installed on multiple devices.

You can manage all your purchased subscriptions through Kaspersky account. Here in your account you can also check the Kaspersky activation codes associated with your purchased subscriptions. At any point of time, you may want to get the list of all your applications and activation codes. To get them without availing the Kaspersky customer support services, you can simply send a message including the required information available on the Kaspersky account to directly to your email address. Below mentioned are the steps for the same:

  1. Sign in to your Kaspersky account by providing the registered email address and password
    • If you have forgotten the password, click Forget Password
    • After following the password reset steps, if you cannot set a new password or recover the existing one then contact Kaspersky toll-free number.
  2. You will now see your email address mentioned in the form of a link in the upper right corner of the page
  3. Click on that link and then click the Account Settings button from the drop-down displayed
  4. From the next window, edit the account settings, if required
  5. Now, visit the Activation codes tab
  6. Provide your email address
    • Enter the email address on which you want to receive the list of all applications and activation codes
    • Kindly note that if you don’t provide any email address, the mail will be sent to the email address you have specified for logging in to your Kaspersky account
  7. Hit the Send button
  8. You will now see a message “a message containing your Kaspersky applications and activation codes has been sent to your specified email address”

If you still face any issue in getting the aforementioned detail, then simply reach out to the Kaspersky customer service team and get an instant help from an expert. The expert will respond to your call within a maximum time of 60 seconds. Hope the article was useful!

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